Vancouver, Canada: Theatre Under the Stars 2013

One of Vancouver’s coolest summer theatre experiences is the annual Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS), which is held at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park every summer. Two different musicals are played on alternating nights for a period of a month and a half (totalling about 22 of each musical).

I only discovered TUTS last year, when I went with my friend Ryan to see Titanic: The Musical. This year I got the opportunity to see both of the shows, and really enjoyed both of them.

Theatre Under the Stars 2013 Programme

Theatre Under the Stars 2013 Programme

The first show is “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” This show is based on the movie (and novel) by the same name, and follows pretty much the exact storyline, with a few tweaks to the story. The musical is very clever, with little unsung dialogue, meaning that most of the story is portrayed through the songs. The set and costumes are very pink, the songs have a lot of “Oh My God” in them, and the choreography is overly campy, but the musical is fun and left me with a big smile on my face.

The second show, is the 1960’s “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” I actually got to see this show twice and really liked it. Set in a corporate environment in the 60’s, the storyline of the musical is surprisingly still relevant to today’s society (anyone who works or has worked for a big corporation can relate to it!). The set for this musical is a bit more simple than Legally Blonde, but still very cool, and it suits the story. The choreography is great, and the script contains quite a few really funny moments. The final song “Brotherhood of Man” is outstanding in both vocals and choreography, and really gets the crowd going.

There are still two shows of Legally Blonde left, and one more chance to catch How to Succeed, so get on it before the season is over! You can buy your tickets at the theatre entrance, or by visiting

Tip: The gorgeous Vancouver summer we’ve had seems to have ended with the first rains; ask for a poncho at the ticket office or bring your own; remember the theatre experience is outside, so seating is completely uncovered!


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