My Amazing Three Weeks in Turkey

By now you have probably guessed that I had an amazing time in Turkey, and that my three weeks of traveling there in September 2013 were very memorable. Turkey is an amazing country, full of history and beautiful natural settings that are completely different from anything I have ever seen before. The country is a lot more westernized than I expected, but still offers plenty of cultural immersions for visitors to take in.

Me in Istanbul - September 2013

Me in Istanbul – September 2013

My trip started in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited, where I met up with my friend Ryan. There, we spent a day and a night before joining our group with G Adventures to travel around the country over the next 15 days. Big disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored trip nor a sponsored blog post; the only reason why I am idolizing G Adventures in this post, is because the tour was amazing and they deserve every ounce of credit I’m giving them!

Our group was a good combination of people from Canada, the USA, Australia, Colombia and Ireland, with half of us ranging in age from mid 20s until mid 30s, and the other half being 50+. Despite the age gap, we all ended up getting along great, often having meals and spending time together during our free time, while sometimes exploring on our own or in a mix of different groups. Overall, we all really enjoyed each other’s company. Our guide Ilyas was also very informative and friendly, which made the trip much more interesting and memorable.

With Old and New Friends, Overlooking an Ankara Castle Tower

Our group at a tower in the Ankara Castle – September 2013

When our tour ended in Istanbul, many of our group left right away, but a few of us stayed behind for a few more days (all moving on to different hotels). My friend Ryan when back to Canada, but that same day, my friend Nic from Australia flew in and we spent the next few days together enjoying the city a little longer. In Istanbul, I also celebrated my 30th birthday in the company of some of the new friends I had made on my tour, with a nice dinner in the old city, followed by drinks in a balcony at a bar in Beyoğlu District, and then dancing at a gay bar. As far as ways to ring in your 30th, I think Istanbul is the perfect place!

During this trip I got to visit multiple locations in the country and participate in some great experiences that made our visit to Turkey one to remember. We had the opportunity to visit many beautiful cities, pretty seaside towns, and stunning natural wonders; we spent the night under the cover of the stars in the mediterranean; we got a glimpse of local life at a rural homestay; and of course, we visited our fair share of stunning mosques, lively bazaars, and history-filled ancient archaeological sites. We also got to learn a lot along the way, and eat delicious food!

Absolute Turkey Map ©G Adventures

Everywhere we visited on the ‘Absolute Turkey’ tour ©G Adventures

Click here to read all my posts about my travels to Turkey. If you like what I have to say about Turkey, I cannot recommend the tour I did enough, as it offers a great mix of things Turkey has to offer. If you are interested, check out the G Adventures Absolute Turkey tour or feel free to ask me for any further inspiration!


2 thoughts on “My Amazing Three Weeks in Turkey

  1. I’ve been on a couple of G Adventures myself – Absolute Peru and the Falls & Fandemonium (special edition World Cup 2014 trip). Absolutely outstanding tour guides on both trips! I’ve got Turkey on my Top 10 Bucket list, and have been eyeing this Absolute Turkey tour for a few years now. Not sure when I will get the opportunity to take three weeks off straight again like I did for Absolute Peru, but I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog to read more about this particular tour. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment Ray!

      Turkey is definitely one of the most interesting places I’ve visited, and the G Adventures tour made it easy for us to get around to make sure we got to see all the good bits. There were so many highlights on the trip (the Mediterranean boat night, Cappadocia, the home stay, etc) it’s hard to pick a favourite!

      If you do get the chance to take the time off, I highly recommend it!


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