Exploring Japan’s Culinary Treasures

It is no surprise that I love Japan… so much so, that I will be going back this coming Autumn. In the meantime, check out this new article I wrote for Round the World Experts about Japan and one of my favourite things… food!

Tonkatsu and Dipping Sauce

“From the iconic Shinkasen (bullet trains) and capsule hotels to toilet seats that take the hassle out of going to the loo, and even futuristic bartending robots, modern-day Japan has evolved over the last half century to become one of the world’s most modernized countries. The Land of the Rising Sun still holds on to its customs, but the changes are clear: temples and shrines now lay hidden between towering skyscrapers in its cities; the samurais of the Edo period have been replaced by bankers and techies; and goth Harajuku girls are more prevalent than kimono-clad women.

One thing about Japan that has stayed constant during this time of great change is its food, which, despite sometimes adding innovative twists, has remained pretty traditional to this day – and we like it that way! In this post, travel-lover and self-proclaimed foodie Claus Gurumeta tells us his tips for exploring Japan while indulging in the country’s varied cuisine.

Read the full article here on Round the World Experts.

This article was commissioned by Round the World Experts, a specialist travel service by Flight Centre UK.
All words and photos by Claus Gurumeta.

Featuring: Tokyo . Kyoto . Miyajima Island . Takayama . Hakone / Mount Fuji . Kansai Region


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