The Top 7 Experiences in Peru

Over five years have now passed since my trip to Peru in October 2010, but I still remember that trip fondly… what an incredible country! Check out my tips on things to experience in this South American country during your visit.


Me in Cuzco, Peru. October 2010

“With its extensive history, endless cultural spots, beautiful cities and stunning natural scenery, Peru has secured its place as one of South America’s most desirable places to visit. Whether visiting the fabled Machu Picchu or discovering a quiet surfing town, you can be sure that Peru will wow and entertain you.

In this article, Claus Gurumeta talks about some of the top experiences that you should try out on your visit to Peru.”

Read the full article here on Round the World Experts.

This article was commissioned by Round the World Experts, a specialist travel service by Flight Centre UK.
All words and photos by Claus Gurumeta.

Featuring: Lima . Cuzco . Machu Picchu . Ollantaytambo . Trujillo . Huanchaco . Chan Chan . Huac de la Luna . Peruvian Cuisine


One thought on “The Top 7 Experiences in Peru

  1. Great article! If you ever return to Peru, then you also need to check out Arequipa and Colca Canyon. It is definitely “off the beaten” path when it comes to Peru and exploring one of the largest canyons in the world. Like you, I also fondly remember my trip to Peru back in July 2011.


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